Perth Community Exchange

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This page is still under construction. To find out more about community exchange systems (CES) please visit CES

What is Perth Exchange?

Perth exchange is a community of people that organise to improve their conditions of life and love. Those in the community may do favours and create gifts for each other in a way that aims to improve the living conditions of the entire community. Perth exchange is not about individual gain. It is not about making an individual wealthier than another individual. The aim is to make the value of the whole more than the sum of its parts. Each person gains more than they could ever hope to contribute. Just like each person with an internet connection will read more information than they could ever hope to write. If one person appears to gain more than another then even the person that has gained the least has still gained more than they could have ever hoped to contribute. The aim is to increase the total productive forces to the point where every individuals needs are completely satisfied. In the world today even the person that gains the most still does not have all of their needs satisfied. Therefor Perth Exchange does not aim to make individuals wealthy it aims to make the entire community wealthy. Perth exchange aims to create a community that satisfies the needs of every member of that community.

In relation to communities outside Perth Exchange we will view Perth Exchange as a member of an even larger community. We do not attempt to increase the wealth of our community to the determent of other communities. We are not about making our community wealthier than other communities. Each community gains more than they could ever hope to contribute so there is no imbalance. Even the community that appears to be gaining the least is still gaining more than they could have ever hoped to contribute. The aim of all these communities is to increase the total productive forces so that the needs of all communities and all the members within are satisfied.

Firstly we have symbiosis. In this context symbiosis refers to a relationship established between people where there is mutual benefit to the community. This relationship for instance could be where someone gets their fresh vegetables from other person that grows them in their garden. To ensure this relationship enables further symbiosis the donor of the fresh vegetables receives community exchange points from the person that received the vegetables. The benefit to the community is now that one person had enough fresh vegetables to eat. The receiver of the exchange points now goes to see a person that knits woolen jumpers. The person that knits woolen jumpers donates one of their jumpers to the person that grows vegetables. The community benefits because one of their vegetable growers now has a nice warm woolen jumper. In order to ensure the symbiosis can continue some of the community exchange points are moved to the person that knits woolen jumpers. The person that knits woolen jumpers then goes to see the person that farms sheep and the process continues. The community benefits because the person that kits woolen jumpers now has more wool. The person that farms sheep then goes to see the vegetable grower and so on.